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Russia bob体育网址

Across the political spectrum, there is a belief that post–Cold War U.S. presidents have turned too often to the military to resolve challenges abroad. How could the United States move away from relying too heavily on the military as a tool of foreign policy, and strike a new balance to maintain a position of leadership? Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass hosts a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on how the United States should strengthen and wield its nonmilitary powers. For further reading, see “The Overmilitarization of American Foreign Policy” by Robert M. Gates in the July/August issue of Foreign Affairs, "The World After the Pandemic."

Energy and Environment bob体育网址

Afghanistan bob体育网址

More than four months after the United States and the Taliban signed an agreement to start a peace process, meaningful steps toward an intra-Afghan peace deal have yet to take place. With multiple hurdles to successful talks, including questions about the Taliban’s interest in a deal and about the future makeup of the Afghan state, there remains a real risk of the peace process stalling or collapsing entirely. Our speakers, Seth G. Jones, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Laurel Miller, International Crisis Group, discuss a recent Contingency Planning Memorandum on the possibility of a failed Afghan peace deal and what U.S. policymakers can do to prevent it.

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Election 2020

As countries consider how and when to vote in the coming months, here's what experts recommend for holding safe and secure elections during the coronavirus pandemic.

Energy and Environment

Fast fashion has become a multibillion-dollar industry in recent decades, reshaping the world’s shopping habits. But the industry’s low prices disguise a staggering environmental cost.

China bob体育网址

From trade to film, China's influence in Africa is nearly everywhere. Why—and at what cost?


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia hosts a scaled-down hajj, Turkey’s historic Hagia Sophia begins its reconversion into a mosque, and tensions mount over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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bob体育网址The premier forum for educators and students to discuss foreign policy with CFR experts.

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